Durante & Rich Real Estate
Why Investment Property?

The biggest financial mistake a person can make is to sell their home (house, townhome, condo, etc.). We have a very simple philosophy regarding our "friends" (our term for clients, customers, etc.). Our philosophy is to help our friends build long term wealth through real estate. The best long term financial decision is to keep your home and turn it into a real estate investment (rental). Listed below is additional information on why you should have investment property in your portfolio; Don't want to be a landlord - well that is where we come in! Call or email us today to find out more!

Why have rental property?

1)  Tax Deductions:  There are so many different tax deductions it is impossible to list them all (plus you should always consult with a tax professional).  However, some of the top deductions are interest on your loan, depreciation, property mgt fees, repairs, insurance, and homeowners association dues.    


2)  Long Term Savings:  Investment property is the only asset class in the world that actually pays you to save money!  Your renters are paying off your mortgage!  Depending on your circumstance your rental property might provide you with positive monthly cash flow. 


3)  Wealth Building Tool:  Investing in and holding rental property is one of the best long term investments you can make.  Over the long term, a rental investment will help you increase your total net worth. 

4) Diversification:  EVERYONE should have a piece of real estate in their retirement portfolio.